Train your discernment

Rochelle Rosenberg

Train your discernment

July 29, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Yesterday, I had some errands to do with my husband. and we went to buy groceries.
we met a woman I usually meet.
we’ve had some exchanged conversations about the leading of the Holy Spirit and how God leads people to different destinations to preach and heal and make disciples for Jesus.

suddenly, from nowhere. she interrupted me and said “I don’t think it’s God’s will for you to go in places and do this things. I am convinced by my own that you have to stay in this place, in this city because there are many people that needs to be saved here.” in my mind the Holy Spirit reminded me of the words = Go and preach the gospel to all nations. and I remember as it was written, your thoughts are not my thoughts. indeed God’s will is that we shall go wherever His Spirit leads us to, and besides there are also many brethren that are within the city to fish people and for the first time I’ve learned to discern and sense the spirit within her is not the same Spirit I have. which in my sense she was implicating to me her own wants which is far from bearing fruit.
Then I replied. ” there are many brothers and sisters in this city that can do that job, and to think we all are in the body of Christ, I won’t work for my own but for the body to which I was redeemed”  and she said “no! don’t go anywhere, you should stay here ” in amazement., I shut my lips for wisdom sake. and to me, that contention is a clear message to whom it came from.

now I say that, not because a person is a Christian means you have to accept and receive as they say. because not all Christians understand the mystery of God. not all Christians are filled with Holy Spirit and not all are working towards the kingdom.  you have to learn with all your discernment to listen carefully on what they say and does that go along with the word of God or do they speak contrary towards the will of God in your life.
nevertheless, do not withhold anything against such people but in sincerity and gentleness, have compassion for they have not understood the glory of God which you have seen and heard. with gentle reminder we can correct such people but other than that we cannot implicate our will upon them for it is written that we shall have understanding and we shall be ready to correct and able to teach. till then whenever you hear things, wether against you or it is uplifting , Give thanks to God. for it will be to you understanding.

in that sense, I have seen that God is good and only those who obey Him and seek Him shall know and find Him.  I might be good and right in my own measurements but that is not the case which God measures me, He looks upon my return to Him by obeying His commands wether it is suitable for me or not but to which I strive to do what is right and to become blameless in His eyes.

so, in that moment, it was even more clear from my husband when he heard what the woman said. and told me to continue to walk with God and listen and do His will and do not head to people.

and yes. that is what I do.
and God’s strength is the only thing I have to continue run the race in the name of Jesus Christ whom is written in the bible.

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