Rochelle Rosenberg


July 25, 2017 Uncategorized 0

yes u know its a always a struggle when u are in faith. and the Holy Spirit is with u and God is ahead of you.

every day, you have the choices to make to be wise and faithful to God whenever the sin wants you. it don’t mean you are going to fall but understand that the devil knows where you are weak and he tempts. 
and there you can decide WETHER you do it or not. if you become faithful to God you let your heart trust in Him and pray and do what is right. 
every day is a struggle for all of us. it’s not every day fun but we know for sure that we have the happiness even though it’s tough. God is teaching us to become an honest and loving children whilst a strong and steadfast soldier.

you always have the power to make a difference every day in your life

because God is with you.

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