Every Journey teaches a Lesson

Rochelle Rosenberg

Every Journey teaches a Lesson

April 20, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I would like to share some thoughts of my travel to Hungary!

I had a stop in Berlin waiting for a connecting flight to Budapest. I’m travelling not for pleasure but to serve God and to meet my brethren who lives there and meet others who bears the same Spirit of serving God and spreading the kingdom.

So at last the plane came, and I got my seat near the aisle at the end of the plane. On the left side sat two men.
As the stewardess run here and fro, the aisle seemed to be so narrow for people just comes in, as I’ve heard Air Berlin had unexpected passengers out of their lists of passengers. And one thing, we waited a long time because the flight was even delayed twice on my part, and they served a hard cracker dream something  that would almost gonna crack my teeth when i chew haha and a hot coffee. Which the german guy wasnt tough enough to eat that hard cracker. It wasnt tasty at all, I suppose they would serve some good baked delicacy but, I expected too much maybe.
I’ve been observing people and the plane was so unexpectedly full of people. I actually wondered how we all fit in there.

I looked at this man on my left who sat near me on the left side. A huge and seemed well behaved man. I judged him physically because he is big muscled man and looks scary to me. Even the chair of Air Berlin seemed not to fit for  tall people, because this man does not fit the chair, his knee was against the chair in front. His voice reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in terminator “I’ll be back!” hahaha.. I’m very stupid, I even told him he sounds like terminator.
And because of curiosity, I spoke with him. but as I spoke to him, it created a thought in me that this man is very humbled and very socialised.
We had good conversations and sharing. I shared a lot about God to this man, and I’ve got a picture he is wealthy but his character impressed me more. This man is a salesman in background.
But of all this commotion or conversation we had, it made me realised that God indeed blesses people’s lives and shows His steadfast blessings and grace upon every living creature on earth, no matter the status of a person can be.

So, to bring you to the point.
I asked this young man, I believed he told me his age but I already forgot it. About my age(I’m 31).
I asked him if he is married!
and wow! He gladly replied with a smile on his face. “Yes I am happily married!”
That response I tell you is very rare among young men. Some that I met would say “Yes… but…” or a man suddenly looking down the ground and say in a sad voice “Yes, and it’s like that”.
In his physical look, I would say that even deep within it amazes me because that man took pride to show the world how much he loved his wife even when she’s not around. And because of my amazement, I gave him a compliment ” how amazing that you answer honestly, you’re wife must be proud of you” and yes she should.

In this generation, some men did not know why they married or maybe some did not have a good marriage and were not even glad about it. I guess that communication, treatment towards another is a huge thing. And one big issue is money. Some women are nagging about money because of selfish desires and some men are frustrated how to fulfil this tasks. Some men also have selfish desires which women becomes desperate to fill the blanks just to make the relationship happy. But among all the stories I’ve heard, this young German guy although it seemed to me that he and his wife had both ups and downs together, I noticed that for him it was just a stepping stone towards a happily lived marriage.
And take note: (He is a wedding planer, hahah he’s gpt 10 points to make his wife a happy woman in the whole wide world)  His eyes glimpse as he speaks of their story and it makes me so happy to Praise God there are people like this young man.

I’ve met different people in my life and along the journey. I’ve heard different stories but this one is the best I’ve ever heard of a man. As we have spoken while on air flight, I’ve seen how wonderful he will become as a father. And suddenly, I saw a vision of this man holding a child and it is a boy! I shared him the vision and he seemed glad about it but not sincerely convinced yet out of politeness he speaks with me kindly.

I’m overwhelmed how few men can simply be honest and be proud of their wife. Which is rare to find.

I would say, my husband is the same.
I could trust him wherever he may go because I know for sure that he is adult enough to know his limitations and know what is right and wrong, which is good and evil.
I wish many married couples would be the same. that the truthfulness of their commitments and honesty and faithfulness towards another would much be proven especially when their partners are not around. For although it seemed no one sees, God is the witness of every one and God Himself brings into conscience the conviction whenever a person betrays its wife or husband. God Himself brings into justice what reward each can receive and brings into the open the things that are secretly done in darkness and dishonesty.

As the flight comes closer to Budapest, I’ve realised my thoughts needed to be disciplined as well, regarding physical judgement or thoughts.
Luckily, I know my husband trusts me as I am towards him. and I have fear sometimes with hope he won’t deny me or that I won’t do the same but that we would be proud we found each other and we two would do the best we can do to make our marriage a happy and successful, that through us, many people will be blessed and it will Give Glory to God!

I hope it triggers some thoughts also on your part and that you would change what is needed to be changed. somehow, all marriages has its own traditions and it’s own trials which every one of you have all what is needed to make it better. Do not underestimate your partner’s capabilities and strength, for they are to help you and do not underestimate yourself for there are also strength in you that can make your marriages lively.
talk it out, and never be afraid to ask and teach another kindly and in love.
Do not yell towards another and when wrong things happen, find a way to do it right together. accept a help and put down your pride.
A happy marriage is not created by travels or by pleasures, but by how you treat one another!
okay people!
Goodbye Apple pie!
God bless each and every one of you!

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