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April 16, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Post about tithes. and the truth about is it if you read the tithe Leviticus 27 it was a food or offering from a flock. and it was made to store it a year so the poor and needy of the city or town will not lack nothing. read the whole context and please do not just pick a verse. understand that it is a while story and not written by a sentence.. and in  Malaki it is written all about food. in Hebrew bible it is given to the poor. since not all have fields and herds to tithe from, we can do it by serving God through those in need. Jacob gave his tithe as a covenant to God. Abraham gave tithe from war.  so I use to tithe before.because I was afraid like Pastors says in pulpit that we don’t get blessings if we don’t give to church. actually this is wrong because, the servants of God in the old testament never been using tithe and never the disciples used tithe for the purpose of their own but God provided for them. in New testament, some disciples have jobs and provided for themselves. some who do not have received as given by believers but not as tithe. tithe is misused nowadays, and many are using Malaki chapter as a threat. think like this. if God would threat because we don’t tithes, then He wouldn’t be a Holy God cause we won’t have a freewill to give. please don’t be confused.

   but if you want to serve God in a good way. there are poor people who needs it and there are also brothers and sisters who are in need. maybe God leads you to keep that and help others.

as I do with mine, every month when I have salary, I keep the 10 because I promised it to God, and I am not doing it by traditions, I keep it and help others for example those who should travel to preach the Gospel to other city and do not have money. or some people or family in need.  and it help a lot.

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