Rochelle Rosenberg


March 23, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Passover is here soon and I’m afraid that religious people will mock God due to their traditions!
crucifixion is Jesus sacrifice and should not be modified as an open mockery. God is mocked and may God be  merciful still!
I feel sorry for people that does not understand the meaning of the unpleasant death of the Messiah. I feel sorrow that those who fed this babes had pushed them into the fire of  molech. the traditions that well kept with thought that it is pleasant to God reminding Him Yeshua dies on the cross and people crucify themselves with an Unholy blood. How fool these traditions are  and how tears and fear fall upon me to see my people  are lost in their own mind!

i stand against RELIGION AND TRADITIONS of men. mostly I DO NOT LIKE THE TRADITIONS  OF CATHOLICISM, that mocks the very name of God and that mocks the lamb that was slain.

if you only knew how it feels for a FATHER  to see His Son died and someone reminds Him by roleplaying it in an unoleasant manner.
I would say! what does it mean to sacrifice and foolish men are making fun of my sincerity towards them.
God would be in sorrow in His heart!

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