Difference between Godly and evil people

Rochelle Rosenberg

Difference between Godly and evil people

November 12, 2016 Uncategorized 0

They say, all mankind are from God. I agree!
but there are also mankind that are extremely from the devil!
because this people are filled with hatred, envy, sexually immoral, self disrespectful, lips are filled with plans to destruction, swindlers, liars, drunkards, gossipers, self centred with motto “I, Me” disrespectful to their parents, adulterer, idolatry, a person who kills in mind and curses, a person who physically kills. a person that harms and abuse both young and old. uses people for their own benefits. steals and take things from others. steals identity, steals integrity, steals honor, steals wife, steals husband, steals joy, steals life, steals money and envy what others have. angry at everything, angry at job, angry at family, angry at me 😅, angry at God, angry about the car, angry about the earth, complainers, complains all the time, ungrateful people.
this are the characters of the ungodly. and this characters are evil.. you are not possessed but you became a possession of evil.

so, what about the Godly people?
kind, in words, in deeds. helpful, even without claiming an advertisement still a person helps willingly. wholeheartedly gives, happy all the time. in times of sadness a godly person prays much more and hopeful.
a godly person loves God above all and does not do witchcraft, does not go to mediums and palm reading. a godly person does not do yoga, does not follow other god’s, does not bow to images of animals, people, mammals, symbols etc.
a godly person sets God ONE ABOVE ALL!

full of joy, deaf in gossips, dead to sinful acts, does not want to harm but sacrifices, does not speak evil, does not plan evil,. a godly person loves without limitation, without barriers, without rules, without reward, without expectations. a godly person love truly and does not even think evil and does not have a malicious mind.
a godly person does forgive easily and does not want any poison of hatred to reside in their hearts. because a godly person thinks of “love others as you love yourself”
heart that cares and think of others, respectful to parents, respectful to all living things. does not take things to heart when people speak evil. does share faith with a good example, and does not provoke people that are wrong but leads and teach them right. a godly person does not complain, but endure, persevere and are hardworking. making all things possible with all the faith and hope they have in God. a godly person serves people without advertising themselves to others. a godly person is a person that does not eat companies with evil ones.
a godly person is thankful at all times, at work, at family, at home and everywhere they are.
a godly person is prayerful and reads the bible and sings praise to God. a follower of Yeshua does not put his feet to be a star but to become as simple man. thats it!

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