Preach with completion

Rochelle Rosenberg

Preach with completion

November 8, 2016 Uncategorized 0

You can’t preach Yeshua without preaching the Law!
You can’t preach the Law without speaking of sin.
You can’t preach love to a criminal who are against the Law! how then shall he  have remorse? how then shall he think of the need of a saviour?
For what is sin?
Sin is the Transgression of the Law!
SIN requires death
CROSS Redeems from death
The Law is the Covenant (Promises, Guidelines)
Repentace leads to stop sinning, to prevent from eternal death and eternal fire of destruction to the soul!
BAPTISM is the forgiveness of Sins.
THE HOLY SPIRIT is the teacher to live in Holiness and separation from the world that sins!!!

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