Amazing testimony.

Rochelle Rosenberg

Amazing testimony.

July 24, 2016 Uncategorized 0

One more sister got baptised in water and Holy Spirit!
Praise to God and we give Honor to Jesus.

In Saturday when we ( Robert, me and Gunnar Tågerud ) were in Liseberg Gothenburg
A young lady working in Liseberg Amusement we prayed for got healed from a muscle pain which she had since she was 14. She can’t go to gym, she can’t train and can’t move in specifically movement. Then she was really happy because when we prayed for her, the pain was gone which  she otherwise have the constant pain all the time.
Today Sunday , the phone me Brother Robert rang. The mother of the young lady wanted us to meet and pray for her. Me, Robert, Gunnar and a brother Alain from Switzerland went to her house.
we have a great baptism in one day. .her mom contacted us yesterday and we prayed for her.
She have a back sickness and she took medication for it. She sits in a chair with a special cushion. She can’t sit long and she can’t get enough of her days for a long time. If she get tired, she would have cramps and her hips would have pains. She take medication each night 4 tablets each night, she sleeps in a special mattress, her body is indeed sensitive for long movements. But she could walk. She have tried everything to make the pain go away. New age, crystals, thai gong, acupuncture, yoga and many more but seems her pain got worse. So she called us and she have a hope. Because she saw her daughter after we prayed for her daughter, the next day she cleaned the house which she never could do otherwise for a long time. It is her hope for God to heal her.

We preached the Gospel to her, we shared her our testimony and we prayed even for her husband whom have migraine. He just became better. 
After long hours of deliverance, she manifested and decided to be baptised in water in the name of Jesus.
And she got free. She is free from tinnitus and the back pain that caused her to not sit long and have a special mattress.
Then she sat down in an ordinary chair when we ate dinner with her.

And when she got baptised. Robert baptised her in water and I baptised her in Holy Spirit. It’s awesome.
Today  she said, she slept good.
And one more, she did not take any medicine which she use to took 4 tablets each night.
Today she will go bycykling which she never could do in 10 years.
Praise Adonai for His goodness and kindness to every mankind.

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