When thoughts are as alive than when I speak!

Rochelle Rosenberg

When thoughts are as alive than when I speak!

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It’s difficult to be wise and know God. For it makes you know what is right from wrong, good from evil. And Now that I have gained understanding and wisdom. I see things in different ways. Because it opens up my heart towards His Holy temple. Understanding humility and being fast to forgive, being strong from weaknesses and giving way to those who can’t perceive.  Seeing His righteousness and Holiness while I see mine..not even close enough..
Since God had taught me how to live in His presence.. I’ve experienced, I don’t fit this world and even among false Christians. Shame!

Not a single bit of my hair is able to look upon the sky. For I dare not to look for His majesty had cloth the earth and I am here for while. My time is borrowed. For although I am a child of God.. I assume nothing here on earth as mine.
It’s absurd that I can’t deny the existence of God for when I see evil, I see the existence of good. When I learned to truly love, I see the existence of rejection.
When I see people claiming to be children of God and doing things differently, alluring themselves in arrays and speaks like  whoremongers, it’s difficult to speak but I hold my peace. It makes me see, what have people become yet still God is slow to anger and abundant in Mercy.
It’s undeniable even more to see how God picks up a broken heart whom were shattered and bind them altogether again. Healing it and making it whole to live this time under His care. Provided needs and giving life, changing the core of a person to become good, not by works or deeds but that God had sent His Son Jesus to became the righteousness of a man. How awesome for God to change a person whom were once wicked and made him into a new soul.  
It’s undeniable that I can’t reject the nature which is explained by human intellect. The explanations of how it works and how it goes, but no one had I heard explained when it was all came to life. For Wether life had come to earth, no one was even born, and human.. human had denied it’s creator, denied it’s very lover.. its very Father..

Human… human…
  Ah, human is not humble at all.. human had come to its selfishness to think everything must be gained in self catering. Human does not know what is right anymore. Human had lost its will to define the meaning of love. In its manner, love became sexual matter, and even more life became a product and without importance at all. It became a way of getting as much as you can while breathing.
To consume as much as they could.. even to consume other people for their own benefits… they ate up one another.. they hurt one another.. only to think they have developed a good life.. and in their eyes.. have made it better..
  Ah.. they think for tomorrow where to go. What to do.. what to see.. where to be.. what to buy.. what to say.. what to wear.. what to eat.. whom to use.. whom shall satisfy the desires and their needs.
   This life for human is led to consume…. have never even thought..

What does God feel looking at me?
Am I eligible to enter His kingdom? To walk in that gold floors and seeing the ONE that sits on the throne of Holies..

And human.. After all they’ve put aside God..
After all they have denied God..
After all they closed their hearts to know God..
After all the enjoyment life had come to pass..
After all their failures had reached the top..
After all the things they gained…
After all the things they see..
  They Don’t See God…

When something failed and hurt them bad..
When some rejection cut their heart..
When death passed and took their lives..
When sickness came and took their days..
When evil passed and harmed their very eyes..
Unfortunately, They blame God!

When once.. They didn’t even want to Know God.. and denied the existence of His wisdom and understanding..
They even shut down the presence of the one that was sent from Heaven.. cutting down the name of Jesus Christ.!

Human.. is not worthy of Jesus Christ!!
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