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As a Nurse Assistant! Inspired by Romans 15

Working as a nurse assistant is not easy. It’s too emotional, personal, physical, mental and yet you still have to be professional!
My job is #inspired from Romans 15
We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.
Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.

Apart from the morning routines, the shower, hygienic issues, the machines that help them, the medication, the gymnastics, the birthdays, the occasions and such daily things we do, I honestly say, I’m not just a nurse assistant, but I became a close friend to the elder I take care of. I cried some days when the elders are rude but I understand, I drink my coffee and I ran the hall to meet an old person, I’m afraid they would fall. I cried for the days I can’t do more. I laughed on the days they teased me because I was lost in the corridors. I ate my lunch at 3 in the afternoon, and throw in some sandwich if there’s time. Running the corridors, checking from door to door! Imagine if I’m a sportsman, I’ve run a marathon inside. My feet is painful but there’s no time to give it a space, and my back is screaming “ah maybe later my kids will give massage”.
And I’m proud God gave me a job, filled with patience and care for the gray headed mankind. I’m taught by God’s hands to love them the best that I can. Remembering, my father is same gray hair as they are. And I’m thinking “Lord of Host, God of Heaven. How shall my days be like?” And I see these things in my sight.
Many families to the elderly take us for granted! Sometimes, they don’t see us, sometimes they are ungrateful and looks at us like we weren’t there. Some are very uncongenial. But thats not just the case. Let me speak.
And there are also those who appreciate, the small details like the folding of the tissue napkin on the table, the special serving on the plate, the small touch we do with their family.
At the end of the day, we are so near with them, we hear their screams of loneliness, we see their cries of longing, and we have remembered their young memories of old. I know how they want their coffee served, how they want their hair to be fixed, how their bed to be arrayed, and how the flowers shall stand, which food they want and which is not. I’ve heard their journey in their younger years, how they fell in-love and how they smile remembering those days of joy. The days of broken hearts, the days of weddings, and how their children growing. The choice of cars to the choice of toiletries and words that glimpse into their lips. The photos that speaks of their days, I see how much grateful they were, and some were in deep sadness for their days had passed away. And that left are that gray hair and the mirror that speaks to them every morning. How they look with their wrinkled eyes as I tried to dance, and to sing a song that I just made up. How their clothes shall be hanged up, and how they smile in such a small thing. I’ve memorise how they laugh, how much they feel when they’re in pain, how much grateful they are when scratched in their back, and how much they want a cuddly toys to touch. I’ve seen how much they get angry over small details like when the cups are in the wrong place, and how much happy to receive cards.
  When their days come near, death is creeping in. Fear is getting closer to them and their hands want to reach mine. And holding their hand is the best comfort they can get, hearing us with comfort and speaking of thankfulness we became a part of their lives. Sitting beside them until their soul leaves the shelf.  And I am thinking, ” thank you dear granny, I’ve met you and I won’t see you again! But I’m thankful I’ve learned from your life”. And suddenly, I’m left talking to the person who wasn’t there anymore.
And then, we take out ward materials, clean them and dress them. That their profile integrity shall be kept in honor being a person. The flowers shall be in their hands and an open window shall sneak from the sun.
That! Is a good bit of their memories that leaves us!-until their families come.
  I come home to my family and continued to do my chores, teaching and telling them how my day went by remembering the secrecy of the work I’ve done. I can be grumpy, I can be happy. For some days goes well and some days are merely rough. Some old people are kind, some are very mad. Some are very pleased some have lost their mind. But in all this case, when my time is done, I’ve tried to leave it all behind. But I assure you, I can’t do it at once, because they are in the back of my mind. And when I’m facing my child, imagining my days to come. My thoughts are filled with words and so I prayed God for me to be kind. And oh! My Child! Please give me time and meet me up, that there will be no space of loneliness when I’m old and the clock runs slowly to my eyes. And so my everyday, I’ve created good memories for my children to cherish, I’ve painted some time for my husband to keep. That the old days will keep the speech for me when I’m unable to speak. That my life is a trace of a Godly person who can represent the wrinkles of my face and the gray hair will dance along with the wind as I’ll pass by my family. On that day, I will remember that getting old is such a treasure of riped understanding and dignity.

For some of you that have met nurse assistant that are very rude, please forgive them. Because our job is not easy, our time limit at work does not limit our emotions whenever it comes to the elderly. And to the nurse assistant who neglects their job and care for money or salary, who don’t have a heart to care, nor does not know how to sympathise, or does not have a trace of empathy. Please quit you job because you are harming another’s life.
I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamaschiach), and all that I’ve wrote, this is my message.
Next time you see a Nurse assistant, ask if she’s/he’s alright. Maybe they had a bad day at work, maybe some had screamed over her/him, maybe they’re tired! Encouragement is good. And God bless them.
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