Gothenburg Here comes the Disciples of Jesus

Rochelle Rosenberg

Gothenburg Here comes the Disciples of Jesus

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The Lord is good sending out people for the harvest. The world is busybodies and many indeed are riped and ready for the Gospel! Praise Jesus for His nae is powerful and the salvation is found in no one else.!!!
10 June 2016 – Friday
  We travelled to Gothenburg with the other Disciples of Jesus along with out team! As we were on the Bus, I already have the thought that there will be many who will hear the word of God without opposing us. And I’ve felt strength and hope for that. As I sat on the bus sitting with Sister Jing. She’s quite for some time and shared some thoughts about the scriptures. Deep inside of me I was so much amazed how God gives understanding into different people. And I was so inspired as she looks forward for these weekend in Gothenburg City. As we arrived in Nordstan, We moved to an ordinary bus that would bring us to the house of a married couple who also serves the Lord. 
I’ve met a woman in the bus and approached if she had some pain, indeed she has back pain and when I laid hands on her and prayed, she got healed. And Ive shared her a little bit of the Gospel and she was thankful and departed. As we arrived at the bus stop, I’ve preached the Gospel to two young men and were curious.
In the evening, we’ve prayed for God’s guidance for the next day. Fileld with hopes and thanksgiving. We fellowshipped and sung songs of Praise and Worship. 
11 June 2016 – Saturday
 In the morning, We went out towards the Mall of Gotheburg, Nordstan. As we entered the mall, We approached some people. And some of us shared and prayed for people. I saw an old woman and she had her crouch and she had severe back pain and so I prayed for her and even for her hips. She got healed and was thankful. Later on, Inside the mall, I approached a man in a wheel chair. They are working for the LGBT Organisation. And he was overwhelmed because not so much would ask to pray for him. And he have been into an accident that made his right leg broken and the small toes are dead. His arm were sewn from falling from a mountain. And we prayed for him and he felt more easier and released even from heavy thoughts. He got healed and could walk easier and even was so thankful. And his thoughts day before that he would walk from the wheelchair one day would happen. He could walk a little bit from the wheelchair, but after we prayed for him, he could walk and stand a little longer which he never did before. ANd it made him so happy and said that it is very overwhelming people cared.
  And there in the bridge, Some of the brethren played songs. Some went other way to pray for people and we walked in two or group.Ive prayed for people and shared the Gospel around the city. And later on Me and brother Robert ended up in tents, Ive found three people sitting there. We prayed for a lady whom have been healed from a shoulder pain and her legs grew out because they were uneven. And her friend Mimmi was beside her. I was led by the Spirit and prayed for her. The Holy Spirit had revealed things that she goes through and she confirmed that they are true. She kept anger and bitterness and unforgiveness. So we prayed for her, took the time and spoke with her. She wept for while and then she felt that her burden was gone. We took the time and shared her the Gospel and shared who Jesus is. They were indeed thankful and amazed at the truthfulness of the true Faith in Jesus Christ. There was a young man named Solomon in the bench near the tents. He has no illness so Ive preached to him the Jesus and the salvation that comes along in following Him. We talked and he was thankful and praised God. On the other side of the bridge of KUngsportsbron, the soldiers are resting and so Ive got the chance to pray for them.
Few hours later, We preached in an open square in the city and it was very very great. The Latest Preaching in the Middle of the Gothenburg City NORDSTAN ”NorthCity”

Here is Brother Gunnar, Brother Samuel and Sister KarlaExciting because beside it was protest against Iran’s regime. Well!!! The name of the Lord Jesus is proclaimed and salvation to the Peoples!!

 there were group of young people who also got healed from different kinds of pain. All these young people just flocked us and asked for prayes for ankle pain, should and back pain and they were healed. And one of them asked for prayers for her exam result…Hallelujah.
 We gathered together for while and shared a little to each other what we learned. and later on…I went back home to my own city Jönköping. it was wonderful…
The other disciples continued..

Hej Brother are u not gonna pray for people? hehee

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