Today’s Wonder – An amazing day!

Rochelle Rosenberg

Today’s Wonder – An amazing day!

May 5, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Praise God! All honor and majesty belongs to Him only. In all His glory, I give Him all Praise!

We have a wonderful day! As the sun is out shining and so the words of God became a light to people. Sister Jing, me and brother David was out in a shopping centre A6, they’ve been there for while praying for people and I came later.

A woman got healed from a chronic pain, she had been from a chiropractor because of pain and we prayed for her and she felt and all the pain was gone and she was amazed!
Another woman got better from a back pain also.
We prayed for a man who had stroke and he wanted so much to get healed but they’re rushing, anyways he became a little better and they left.
Then me and sister Jing went to her place.
We prayed for a man whom had heart failure and he feels different and ease. We preached the Gospel to him and he was happy. Further more we prayed for a woman and her children is with her. She got better from back pain and stress and she felt ease and lighter. Then afterwards we preached to two Muslim women and they received the Gospel with Joy. A young man also got better from a hangover and he was amazed so we got the chance to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him and he was curious to know more.

It’s amazing to witness to others with our lives. So keep up the good work of the Holy Spirit in you. God bless you all!

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