Words of Wisdom

Rochelle Rosenberg

Words of Wisdom

May 1, 2016 Uncategorized 0

The Good news is the Gospel. The Good news is only for people who are willing to receive it and believe it. For not everyone who hears the word of God are willing to believe and receive. For not everyone believes in the cross and seer the need of a saviour. For some, the cross is foolishness, yet for those who experience it knows that it is of power and Eternal life that brings a person into having a sound heart and sound mind.  The good news is that for anyone who are willing to humble himself and ask for forgiveness and be baptised for the forgiveness of sins shall be saved. For Jesus had paid a price upon the cross which saves souls and free people from spiritual prison. For anyone who does not believe and is not baptised is condemned.

For all of people have sinned and fall short glory therefore the soul is a slave to sin where the body is dirty and sins have separated people from God. Sexually immoral, steals, adultery in mind and body and perversity, liars, perjury, unbelieving, idolaters, gamblers, sorcerers, whoremongers, abominable, all of this needs punishment with fire and brimstone according to the law of God. Which for those who steals and get caught can be imprisonment according to the law of men.  But baptism into Jesus can free a man or woman from the sins of the world. It will result to an inner peace and complete joy. It will make a person a new creation. And then a person will receive the Holy Spirit that teaches the Goodness of God and it’s Honor and will lead a person to become good and do good things and not doing evil anymore.

We know for sure I was like this before. But only little things you knew of me which in the past I’ve done horrible things and I’ve done many worldly perversion which that are common to human beings. And because in my heart I’ve been committing adultery and broke many hearts, this cause my heart heavy and I couldn’t sleep because my conscience which came from God made me realise what I have done.
And in my deeds I’ve done many things that made me a sinful person, I became a slave of sin and I ran everywhere to cover up the truth, yet I couldn’t hide from God for His Spirit tells me of righteousness and Holiness.
And because I came to know my sin, I wanted to have peace and happiness which I could not find anywhere. I wanted to be forgiven so that I will have life because deep inside, I’m dead. So then I understood that Jesus is not just an old myth, and God is not just an old man, and I is not created from nothing where God created me to be good for a purpose which He did for everyone. God for me is a father, a loving God that gives everything if we ask Him with an open heart.
And this baptism in water made me free from sins and made my conscience clean towards God. And from there, I received the Holy Spirit that teaches me things I do not know, giving me courage to share things that involves the soul. To speak and find the lost whom I was were and to lead them to come to a clean conscience and find and seek God with their heart. For God loves those who do good and loves Him and His commands and God hates those who do evil and do what is not right.
This is the good news that changes lives and changes a person from within. Without being afraid of falling everytime.

If you think then that what I say does not suit you, you are free to leave me. I do not want to compromise because you are my friend. I would love you still and that is why I speak with honesty.
If my words and testimony hurts you and made you think I am judging, you are deceived.
For since I speak of good tidings, I am aware I will loose friends or family and will have enemy. I do not want to please you.
But if you accept this words and testimony about God and will be born through Jesus, then it is your decision to save yourself from eternal damnation. After all! We will individually face the judgement in due time.

If you believe in your heart thatJESUS is the Son of God, that He died on the cross and resurrected from the dead. You shall turn from your sins and repent ( re-think, confess ) and be Baptised, for the remission, forgiveness of your sins. And you and your house shall be saved. And you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
And you shall live in abundance of God’s peace and providence. You will be a living vessel of God.

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