Kickstart Event tuba Poblacion

Rochelle Rosenberg

Kickstart Event tuba Poblacion

April 22, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Kickstarted one sister and it was awesome! PRAISE JESUS FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SO POWERFUL!
1st Day #Philippines #BaguioCity #TubaPoblacion

This is it. JESUS is the same yesterday today and forever more. Sister Ahlee got loose from the numbness of her thyroid illness and ear and neck. And the sister got healed from numbness caused by stroke!

Praise the LORD Jesus…the woman with dark clothes had stroke and was so numb in her left arm and even if i would hit her she wouldn’t feel it.we prayed for her almost 35-40 minutes..until she received her senses again!!!

Good morning from Philippines!
First! I give Glory to our Father in Heaven! I give thanks to Him for all He had done from the past few  and yesterday!
All honor and majesty! Praise to Jesus for being His maidservant among people!

2nd Day #Philippines #BaguioCity #TubaPoblacion

Yesterday was a wonderful day!
I prayed for a man on a barbershop whom have had stroke and was numb in left body for 10 years. I prayed for him and his senses got back for the first time.
He said that he felt ease and released!
He was sweating heavily but he was joyful of the miracles that happened and thankfully to the Lord.

Afterwards I went to meet and fellowship with brethren in Bethany Fellowshipping House of the Disciples Ahlee and Dan Wallace.
The Gospel is preached and the Holy Spirit moved mightily!
It touched every heart of people that came. Even those whom were led by the Spirit to come and join heard and realised what is the true Gospel apart from theologies and philosophy.
One woman got baptised by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. And it was so powerful! Few legs grew and some young people seemed to got scared of the moving of the Holy Spirit because they’ve never seen in like that before!
I believed that people’s lives had changed just by that meeting!
Although I didn’t knew what and how I shall do it, I am amazed that my life is a blessing to many.
I am thankful for the couple Sister Ahlee and Brother Dan for receiving me in their house and we had a good fellowship and were United in the Spirit of God.

Brothers and Sisters I am grateful for your interceding prayers from a far, it  helped me and made me confident that your support is strong enough in Spirit. Thank you! And be blessed!


Praise to the Lord God in Heaven! Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The  and perfecter of our Faith and the molder of Righteosness and Holiness in us all!!..
Rejoice for Life with the Lord is not easy but light!
I am so much amazed by His Great and Wonders of Signs and Miracles. As Jesus had Promised the Holy Spirit and the works of it, I become more and more hungry of Him everyday.
Yesterday was a very Special day.
We were with the brethren of the Bethany House and the fellowshipping was so amazing!
There are few sisters whom have heard the Gospel without compromising about the truth. It made them realise many things and had thought so much that faith indeed is needing an application or a demonstration of everyday life.
Some have been set free from different things of fear, and few have been kickstarted and it’s so beautiful!
Few people got healed from back pains and grew out legs. Some had some questions about the Holy Spirit and Speaking in tongues which was amazing that God revealed it through my life.
The fellowship was just so wonderful that leaving them would have made me feel like I miss them already.!
But isn’t it its always like this? Departing is always not the easy part, and all the days of spending time together and knowing each other. Seeing things and hearing things that had been revealed by the Holy Spirit, made such a good bond for each of us to be more closer and to feel the family ties are strong in Jesus Christ. Departing, I see it as the beginning of life as a disciple..
Till then, I know where to go. Between the valleys, the heavens rises and the sun rests on every side. I’ll be back to be with them.

#kickstart #day3
May God help me endure to the end! May other Disciples of Jesus do the same!!!
Yours in Christ Jesus – Rochelle Faldt

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