Today’s Wonder – Manila April 3-5, 2016

Rochelle Rosenberg

Today’s Wonder – Manila April 3-5, 2016

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Praise God for His righteousness and Holiness. HIS Kingdom is as pure and His love endures forever! Praise Jesus for the strength and boldness….

Prayed for few people and my sister and her husband..legs grew and I’ve got thw chance to share them the true Gospel of Jesus…

Today April 5 is my last day in manila before I will go to my city.

I was led by the Spirit to walk on the stairs and I saw the young lady I prayed for a day ago. And she told me that she was expecting for me to pass by her and pray for her again for complete healing. So I prayed and she felt better in her knee pain. Again I preached to her and I discovered she has more illness and was interested to speak so I referred her another disciples by the name of Abigail and Claus. And she want to know more.

I prayed for a woman who had reumatism as she was dragging her left leg and after I prayed for her, she could walk better and they were so thankful and were shocked at this things. The pain got better and I saw she walked normal again.
I’ve prayed for a man in a wheelchair whom had stroke and he could lift up his arm and could move a little. And then they have to leave to the taxi.
Ive rayed for a man whom also have crutches and he also has stroke.

At evening, we went out. Ive been led by the Holy Spirit to a street bar that were filled with prostitutes. I had the struggles myself but  I couldn’t resist the Holy Spirit and I came to speak to a woman. MY heart was jumping and I just knew it’s God! AS I come close to her, she got scared but I said ” don’t be afraid! I come with Peace! The kingdom of Heaven has come near you and she received me and the words I give her. I felt strength and courage so I preached to her about the Kingdom of God. And I see her eyes, she hold her tears and I could see even her friends were shocked why I’m there.
I’ve got the chance to share my witness and then I prophesied to her.. gave her a hug and I went.
I feel the depth of Gods heart calling for sinners to repent. Today, this prostitute is my person of peace.

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