Today’s Wonder – Elmia Cars Event

Rochelle Rosenberg

Today’s Wonder – Elmia Cars Event

March 26, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Glory to the Living God who lives in the Heaven and Praise be to Jesus Christ that sets people free from bondage.

There was a lot of people in the event today going to see the different types of Cars and they even have different types of motorbikes.. The car machines are out..

But that’s not what’s interesting.!
There are multitudes of people coming in to the event..

We prayed for a woman which has constant pain from a chronic disease in the back for 7 years and just right there when we prayed,  she got healed. The interesting was, she is an atheist and she couldn’t believe it happens to her, and it was difficult for her to explain. And then she heard the Gospel and went away.

A group of young men, two of them had back pains. We layed our hands and prayed for them and they got healed. They were amazed but was in a hurry.

Another group of men from Norway were drunk and tipsy. One of them had pains in the back so a disciple Emil layed hands on him and he got healed. Later, his leg grew. And one of his friends were not convinced and seeking for an evidence. So we measured his leg and the shorter one grew and he was shocked. We layed hands on him and prayed for his ear damaged from an accident at work.
One of these men had also a deep back pain who were astonished and got healed, the drunk got sober.

On the other entrance of the event, we prayed for a man’s legs and grew and he heard the Gospel of ChristJesus and he seems interested and willing.

THE other disciples continued the rest of the day to pray for other people’s lives and bodily pains. Many got healed.

A tent of people whom also share bibles stood with their tent across, we fellowship with each other and then one woman been set free caused by a medical damage which made her whole body sick.

Glory to the God of Israel.. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..
Honor to the Son of God Jesus Christ that we are his Disciples..

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