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The Truth of The Gospel

Many are deceived into believing, that you should just ask Jesus into your heart – and everything is fine.

If we should ever come back to the life we read about in the book of Acts, we need to have the right foundation. In John 3 Jesus says, that if any man want to be born again, he need to be born out of water and Spirit. Jesus didn’t talk about the sinners prayer; he preached repentance towards God. When he then did the teaching, he talked about the importance of baptism in water and Holy Spirit.
At that time he could not himself baptize anyone to Christ and with the Holy Spirit, because it was still the old covenant. But after the cross you see the fulfillment of the new birth Jesus was talking about in John 3. When Peter stood up and said repent, as Jesus did, and be baptized for the remission of your sin as Jesus has commanded us to do it. Let’s obey Jesus and preach the full gospel. Let’s stop being blind leading the blind by giving something we do not find in the word of God.

A new church reformation

We are now living 500 years after the reformation with Martin Luther. But was that truly a reformation?
We are thankful for what he did, but we did not see the Catholic church reformed back to the early church that we read about in the book of Acts. Luther only made some changes here and there. The Lutheran church today looks so much like the Catholic church and still so little like what we read about in the book of Acts.
We believe it’s time for a new reformation. A reformation that not only changes doctrines, but also the church system. Why do we do church the way we do it? Why do most churches have a building? Why do they meet on Sunday? Why do they have a worship meeting that looks the same, no matter where in the world you look? The truth is, that much of what we do in the church today has nothing to do with the New Testament, but more to do with church tradition and paganism.
So let’s see a reformation. Let’s make disciples as Jesus has commanded us to do. And let Him build his church as He said He would.
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