Todays Wonder – testimony and prayer in Train station

Rochelle Rosenberg

Todays Wonder – testimony and prayer in Train station

February 21, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It’s amazing how God works in every people’s life. As we are out and living the life of being a Disciple of Jesus., we experience the life in the word. The more we go out, the more life hear and see who Jesus is. The more people become open to what and how should we be as Followers of Jesus.. I believe in every word of the bible. From the beginning to the end.
And this our daily testimony. As the modern Acts.

Praise be to Jesus our Lord.!

We went out today again and met different kinds of people. Have stopped many people but not all are open to a prayer. Some people have also pain but they don’t wanna talk about it, they even don’t wanna speak about it. So we passed through people.
We prayed for a man whom have problems in his whole body, and he felt better in a while..but afterwards he was shaken. I discern there is an unclean spirit within him. and refused to receive more prayer.
We found few persons, they don’t have pain in their bodies at all. So me and a friend to me whom I kickstarted, preached the Gospel to these persons. and they received the Gospel and some did not want to believe. We planted a seed in their hearts and it is their choice on what to do later with their lives.

As we moved on a man approached to me. He knew me, and I recognized, Ive prayed for him before. He had a family but lost them a long time ago. He have kept his kids while they were six years old and until now he have not seen them. He spake to me that, the last time I prayed for him, he found strength, and this time when he searched for his childrns address in the Census Government, they gave it to him and he sent them letters. since the day I prayed for him, he said he is filled with joy and hope. and everytime Ihe sees me, he says he feels th warmth in hus whole body. and that’s the Holy Spirit. so my friend prayed for him..

Most of the people we met were not that open/ some have spirits. One certain man I asked if he wants prayer is a man who have pain in chest because of drinking too much redbull. when I asked, he said, he has another spiritual power and says / I am not comfortable with you..
there were many people around us and seems the spirit know what we were doing.

the demons know when we are near them!Praise Jesus for the power of God is manifested!!!!

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