Kickstart – Action to faith

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Kickstart – Action to faith

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About ‘kickstarting’
What does kickstarting mean?
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you see the word ‘kickstart’ mentioned a few times – but what does kickstarting mean? It simply means a disciple of Jesus who helps another disciple to pray for the sick for the first time and to see people getting healed for the first time. Kickstarting is short for teaching people to heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons, etc. by taking them out and showing them how to do it. When you have done it once, you know you can do it again.
Kickstarting is spreading all over the world and a powerful example of this you can read here:
Three years ago a man from Sweden came to Denmark. We took him out on the street and kickstarted him in preaching the gospel and healing the sick. He went home to Sweden and continued doing the same with other people. One and a half years later, we saw that this had already grown to 5 generations: the person we kickstarted had kickstarted one, who had kickstarted one, who had kickstarted one, who had kickstarted one.
Several of them have seen over a thousand healings in a year. So because of kickstarting we alone have seen many thousand of people getting healed all over Sweden and hundreds of people getting born again through repentance, baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit.
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I my self. Have been out and healing the sick and preached the gospel since summer of 2015.
Of course I prayed for people even then, but inside the building (church) .. but it was not the same as the experience I have lie in the book of acts.
 And recently i went to Denmark to be a part of kickstart event and i have been changed. My faith also become stronger and since i went out in summer 2015, I have seen many miracles and heard amazing testimonies. and of course it was difficult at first time but I wanted so much to live like the disciples did.I wanted so much to experience the life of the disciples I read in the Book of Acts.
 If we then believe that Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever, then we should do what He commanded us. To go out and make disciples. For the harvest is plenty but workers are few.
If we just look back what Jesus says, He was talking about the people who already believed. ” And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? Luke 6:46..
So this is exciting and I want to encourage you that we shall then do what Jesus had told us to do. Without any theologies.
Do you want to be kickstarted?
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Powerful discipleship tool!

A good way to kickstart someone is to go out to a public place where there are many people. The person who has experience with laying their hands on the sick and seeing them getting healed (the trainer), stops people and asks them if they have pain or a disease they want to get rid of. When the person agrees to receive prayer, the trainer ask the person who is being kickstarted (student) to command the pain/disease to leave. If there is no immediate healing, the trainer encourages the student to continue and repeat the praying – until the person is healed.

When the student experiences for the first time that people are getting healed through their hands – just as Jesus promised – it starts a fire in them. Faith rises up and they want to see more. It encourages them to continue for greater thing – like seeing people saved and starting to live a life lead by the Holy Spirit.

Over the years, many people have been kickstarted. And they continued kickstarting others.

The full gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

Many are deceived into believing, that you should just ask Jesus into your heart – and everything is fine.

If we should ever come back to the life we read about in the book of Acts, we need to have the right foundation. In John 3 Jesus says, that if any man want to be born again, he need to be born out of water and Spirit. Jesus didn’t talk about the sinners prayer; he preached repentance towards God. When he then did the teaching, he talked about the importance of baptism in water and Holy Spirit.

At that time he could not himself baptize anyone to Christ and with the Holy Spirit, because it was still the old covenant. But after the cross you see the fulfillment of the new birth Jesus was talking about in John 3. When Peter stood up and said repent, as Jesus did, and be baptized for the remission of your sin as Jesus has commanded us to do it. Let’s obey Jesus and preach the full gospel. Let’s stop being blind leading the blind by giving something we do not find in the word of God.

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