Experience the Life of a Disciple

Rochelle Rosenberg

Experience the Life of a Disciple

February 19, 2016 Uncategorized 0
When I travelled to Denmark, I was expecting to learn new things.
I have been inspired by people who have been there in Jesus Hotel. I have been a christian since 2010.

Let us start with my background. It is always good to start with the background to udnerstand a persons belief.
My father is a Catholic and my mother is from the Iglesia ni Cristo or INC or church of Christ.
Every sunday we are in the church. and I have never experienced Jesus and Holy Spirit. period.
So when I totally stood for faith and seek of who Jesus is, I heard of Him all my life but never experienced Him. So in 2010, I was introduced to a bible study. and I went there every meeting. I didn’t want to miss one thing. I went to other places and attended bible studies to learn. And the desire of my heart about Jesus grew. A desire since I was a child to be a minister grew in my heart and for me, I though I must go to bible school to know and learn. I thought to follow Jesus was to go in church every sunday and dont miss every meeting and pouring of the Holy Spirit. I thought I must be anointed to become a pastor, to becoma a ”follower of Jesus” I thought that Book of Acts or Luke are just mere history or it wont happen to me because I am not anointed. ALL WAS WRONG. IT WAS MERE A TRADITIONAL THOUGHTS I HAVE INHERIT FROM MY RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND.
In all these years, I have been into different kind of trials and problems in life. From Childhood problems, abuse and violence, bully, loss of self esteem, fear, depression and stress that almost leads to my suicidal. In all these years since 2010, I have never experienced God not until I was baptised in the Holy Spirit. I failed in 2013, and people have left me and I suppose I have failed them. But I saw a a group of people that told me they loved me but was different from how I was treated. Isaw myself as a problem and a troublemaker. So I stopped going to church. I dont mean anything against churches, but I cant like it. So until I have learned to forgive in same year of 2013 and same year was my first time to evangelize on the street.. I have learned to let go of all. In 2015, I have learned to go out and pray for people and saw with my own eyes how they get healed. I have the struggles and fear of rejection so I always escape my group sometimes. But theres a sense when the Holy Spirit leads me, I just have to turn and do the will of God.
Some of my friends have been into Denmark Jesus Hotel – a certain man named Torben Sondergaard. The Last reformation is the name of his ministry where he doesnt keep people inside but sending them out instead.They have been kick started. Or we say a practical action of faith.
So my thoughts went hurling about it. Is there something there for me?
In the end of December 2015, I have been inspired to really become a pastor. First, as a traditional religious background, I sat infront of the PC and way I go to seek a Bible School with a Bachelor Degrees and Masteral Degrees. At those moments, I was asking the Holy Spirit to lead me, but it was all silent. So I decided to fill the forms to a bible college online in the USA. Then the Holy Spirit suddenly reminded me of Torben Sondergaard. I have watched his videos named ”The Last Reformation- Pioneering School”. He kept on saying that I will be provoked as a listener, well honestly I wasn’t because I have no problems at all with what he speaks. I was provoked about the bible college and stop he says. So I thought that wow! He must be talking to me. Is this live broadcast?
So I had struggles go to Denmark by myself. I was really fast to fill a form in december for a February 5-7 2016 Kick start. And there are struggles between, I was back and forth on how I would make it to go there. Not that I am afraid of travelling but it was the first time I travelled for this reason. A travel regarding my faith. And it feels so huge for me, I felt like the heavens had been watching what I’m doing. There are people that also stops me, and my husband dont really want me to go but as I am a strong woman, I already have decided at once, I will go. Alone or with others, I will follow Jesus. You know the song ”I have decided to follow Jesus” ran through my head. My spirit sungs it. And by the way there was a Kick start in my place same month of February 20-21. I was convinced in a while maybe I would stay but I felt in my Spirit I must go.
So I went to Denmark anyway. Night before I prayed, And how I hoped that Torben would be there and I would shake his hand and take a photo with him. To me it would be a great 30th birthday gift. So it was a long journey. Bus-walked-boat-bus and walk and bus…I arrived at night of 4th February.
When I arrived, It felt like a safe place for me to be. It feels like my Spirit knows the place. The next day, I met different kind of people, although we shared testimonies, it was the first time I have felt true fellowship. The gatherings were filled with joy, no one tells the other to do ”you must be, you should be, you could be” but all were filled with kindness words and that they just encouraged me to see what God will do in my life. I felt the life of being a disciple. They teached me things they have learned like prophecies, visions which I was so scared of. And I have seen what it truly means to become a follower of Jesus.

Torben spoke that a true follower of Jesus does what He commanded. Of course the popular was to love God only and love one another. But htere are also other things that Jesus commanded, Go Out and make disciples of all nations. Baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Well for me I thought I understood. Being a true follower of Jesus doesn’t mean going to church every sunday. How then shall we bear fruit? How then shall we make disciples of nations and people? We need to go out. And like in the chapter of James, Faith without action is dead.

The Father is supreme God and People must be baptise in the name of Jesus under the obedience towards God and then finally, the gift. The baptism of the Holy Spirit.
And to come to faith is to repent, not just feel sorry and do it again but feel sorry, baptise in water in full immersion. Wash away the dirt and God will wash away the old you and will fill you with His new life. Thats when He would come into our lives and we are ready to receive the Holy Spirit.
So, in the end, I was re-baptised in water, this time was a true baptism for the repentance had occured first. And the Spirit of God revealed things which were aready forgotten. And for the first time, I felt freedom. A total freedom. Remembering that it is no longer I that live but the Spirit of God is in me. When we went out in the city of Denmark, I dont have fear anymore. although I have been out before, I felt easy to approach people. And like I used to, I succeeded, for the Glory of God.
in Sweden, I have baptised one person in the Holy Spirit. In Philippines, I have baptise one perosn in the water. I have preached in the streets. In Denmark, I have baptised two people with the Holy Spirit. I have casted out demons. On my way back home I was in a boat, I prayed for a Muslim woman and she was relieved. When I was in Gothenburg, I prayed for a person whom have broken fingers and have preached the Gospel to him. See?? the difference of being fully filled of the Holy Spirit? I am so Happy. I am experiencing the BOOK OF ACTS!!!

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