The 50’s Fashion

Rochelle Rosenberg

The 50’s Fashion

January 10, 2016 Uncategorized 0

I am so much overwhelmed by the 50’s fashion..I like vintage so much. It has elegance and more feminine..
Women of old have more respect on themselves in how they dress. There is no measure of beauty by being naked at those times. Many women are even beautiful when they dress modestly.
In the years when Marilyn Monroe was popular, there was no judgement of her waistlines fat. Those were normally pretty. And I admire that not being worried about how fat or how thin you are. The way you cloth does not define your beauty. It is the heart that carries beautiful things in life.

On my recent blogs, I have written about sewing 50’s patterns. But with all the things we find on the Internet, I became tired looking for free patterns. As of every Webpage I have seen, they all require to make an account and I can’t afford to have more. I must balance my time.

So, same method.. I searched for a website that sells dresses. I’ve found some Victorian dresses about 1800-1900 and they were all beautiful. I like long dresses, it should be under the knees or something that is upper heels.

And I have found these website
Johannas Rockabilly Clothing 50’s and more – Sweden TigerMilly Vintage and 50’s – London

So..i went through the products and measured my bust, waistline depending on the kind of dress that I wanted to purchase.
So here is the dress I have purchased..

and here is the dress that I have sewn in december 2015

And here is the dress of my aunt that I modelled for a day..
And here is another dresses..!
Aunts dress..oldies but goodies

Maid of Honor


Wedding dress. Philippines Traditional Costume 

The 70s

The 80’s
Thank you for your patience in reading my blog. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.. happy blogging

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