Rochelle Rosenberg


November 12, 2015 Uncategorized 0

I’ve been a vintage fan..
I like the 18th century the 20s 30s 50s 60s …
I like the clothing of women, it’s elegant and very much of self respect and well dressed.
 I like the way they dress because they are simple and yet beautiful..
Does not need to show bodies to be called beautiful..
I’ve sewn for my daughter  and me..
For now, it’s her dress that is first done..
Sharing you photos.

Materials needed:
Old Curtains,
Measure your body and make a
Pattern from News papers,
Crayons for marking lines,
Pin needles,
Check the right color of the Thread,
Sewing machine,
A dress sample.

Her dress is done! Now! I’m going to sew mine..
Because I’m doing a lot of stuff also, I’ve done the dress in two days.

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