Yo to Jesus! Yo! to God….

Rochelle Rosenberg

Yo to Jesus! Yo! to God….

October 15, 2015 Uncategorized 0

When all of you get busy enough, I wonder how many times you even remember you wake up!
When your life gets so tough,
I wonder how many times you even remember when you get it right!
When your life is so good,
You ignore those who don’t have enough..I wonder, do you have a conscience to sleep so well at nights!
When you drink that alcohol and party your life,
I wonder if you’re aware that you drank your days and you are wasted enough!
When you smoke that cigarettes and blow your breath away,
I wonder how many times you’d blow your money and how long does your body gonna stay?
Jesus was on the cross you’ve heard,
To give you life but you just laughed and turned.
You’ve mocked, God is not real
And you see believers, your mind can kill.

So long you live, you don’t care,
So long you eat, you don’t dare,
So long you have, you don’t share,
So long you breath, you just stare,

One day!
Your life will be at end,
Your food will be at waste,
Your stuff will be rotten,
Your breath will have to be returned!
One day, when your day is near!
God will also stare!
God will say,
Why would I care?
God will say,
What shall I say?
God will say,
I gave you Jesus but you turned away
God will say,
You got ears but did not hear,
You got everything but did not share,
You got life but was unaware,
You got ME but you did not Care!
You made a choice so go your way!

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