My Innermost Prayer

Rochelle Rosenberg

My Innermost Prayer

June 11, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Thank You Lord Almighty for my Life, my breath in every minute. Thank you Lord for waking me up every morning, for giving me the chance to live and spend my life with my husband and my kids. Thank you Lord for your kindness that you trust me whenever I am awake, that your love overflow because I can see, I can speak, I can hear, I can love, I can walk, I can feel. Lord this are my senses that you have blessed me upon. How glorious you are my Lord God and my Lord Jesus. Thank you for my children, you have provided them good health, good parents, good friends and most of all you provide them your knowledge that surpasses all. Thank you Lord that you showed my children what real love is. Not the love of the world, but the love that comes from you.

Thank you for my marriage, I love the way my husband is created, your potters hand really describes your character, oh God. I found favor in your sight that I have found a man that loves you Lord Jesus. I am grateful for your thoughts about me are  abundant like the sands, your mercy and grace towards us are as huge as the heavens.

Thank you Lord for the people that passed my life, who became my history. They have been my tests and it taught me to be more closer to you and to still forgive them. Those times of pain and sufferings, were the times of storms where you held my hand and held me.
Thank you Lord for the difficult times and poverty, you have taught me how to be merciful to my fellow poor people. Thank you Lord that I came from a poor people, I know how to fix my feet in the ground and share blessing to those who have none.

Thank you Lord, I don’t need to worry about my basic needs.they are right in front of me.

Thank you Lord for the people who didn’t liked me, because they taught me how to trust in you and I’ve learned to understand that it matters most that you loved me and my family.

Thank you Lord for forgiveness, you have taught me that I also can forgive my enemies and the people that hurt me.
I hope Lord, that my life is a living testimony to those who know me. I hope that my life is a blessing to those that shaked my hands.

Father in Heaven, Lord God Almighty,
I pray that you would guard our hearts to be kind and loving to everyone in our lives, even to those whom have hurt us. Show us how to be merciful to those who are in the world. And cloth us with your dignity and character that we may show them how you have changed our lives.
Bring us into your ways Lord. Give us the understanding that we may find joy and Prosperity in thy sight. Teach us to be led by your truth.
I thank you for every of my friends, to those who believe in you
And even to those who do not yet believe. I pray that they would find their way to you, as you give them chance in their breath everyday.
Let your will be done in every people’s lives. Touch their hearts and minds that they would recognise your voice when you call them.
In Jesus name..

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