My 29th Birthday greetings

Rochelle Rosenberg

My 29th Birthday greetings

May 21, 2015 Uncategorized 0

I thank You for All Your thoughts towards me on my Day, you reminded me that it’s my birthday, although I was eager almost to response to everyone “same to you” I am grateful.
I do not need gifts of material stuff, But I earnestly ask you all to pray for me and my marriage, my children and my family both here in Sweden and in Philippines. I ask for your good thoughts that your prayers are more valuable for me. Keep gifts and give it to the needy.
Today I became 29 equals to 10,585 days of old according to the bible.
“Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Pray for all the poor to be lifted up in life,
Pray for the Nations to be gentle towards their people, politicians to stop corruption.
Pray for all the racist to stop hating foreigners, that they may see us as a blessing.
Pray for the fatherless,
Pray for the unborn whom have been killed in abortion,
Pray for all Men to know God, just like Moses,Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Pray for all the fathers to be a loving husbands, to be a good father to their children,
Pray for the mother’s to gain more strength and wisdom to teach their household about kindness and humility, the straight path of life.
Pray for all the Youths and Children to learn to give honor and respect to their parents,
That they may learn to value them in words and in actions.
Pray for the unbelievers and atheists to be touched by the hands of God, that they will be delivered and see the light.
Pray for yourself that the light of God and His word remains in your hearts and that His righteous right hand be manifested in your life.

Indeed, through the years I have gained wisdom that comes from God. It is priceless and I pray that you also, in your years would know the God that I Know. A merciful and loving God, embracing us and forgiving our sins. For His Holiness can never be defined by any human mind, His greatness is above us all who still breath and live. Be thankful for your lives because your days are numbered in the hands of God. Your thoughts, actions, behaviour, Spoken words both in public and in secret and achievements.. All is written in His book. You will be accountable individually in the judgement days. ‪#‎Birthday29‬

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Happy birthday… smile emoticon


hapi bday!!!

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Stort Grattis Karla! smile emoticon Önskar dig det bästa av allt! Guds rika välsignelse!

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Grattis på födelsedagen älskling jag älskar dig av hela mitt hjärta. Du betyder allt för mig.
.. Sister,happy happy birthday!!! May the Lord sh0wer y0u m0re blessings..g00d health and happiness in Life.CheErs!

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