TEN COMMANDMENTS: Only Jesus whom have made them complete…

Rochelle Rosenberg

TEN COMMANDMENTS: Only Jesus whom have made them complete…

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Did Jesus make keeping the law easier or harder?
– The law says don’t murder….Jesus says don’t even be angry, insult or curse your brother.
– The law says make sacrifices as offerings to God….Jesus says forgive anyone and make peace before making your offering.
– The law says don’t commit adultery … Jesus says don’t even look at a woman with lust.
– The law says do not covet … Jesus says if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.
– The law says don’t steal …. Jesus says if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.
– The law says you shall not divorce your wife unless there is some uncleaness in her and that God hates divorce. The Pharisees believed you could divorce her for any reason. Jesus said you can’t divorce unless she cheats on you, He also said not to marry someone who is divorced.
– The law says You shall not swear by my name (God) falsely… so people started swearing falsely by Heaven, by the Holy City Jerusalem and by the Earth. Jesus said do not swear falsely at all, neither by Heaven, the Holy City or the Earth.
– The law says you must compensate someone for whatever they lose, that is an eye in place of an eye. You must give to someone what you owe them – If you burn their shoe, you get them a new one. If you burn their house, You get them a new one worth the same value. But Jesus says…if someone requests you shirt, you give them your coat also. If someone requests you carry something for them for a mile, you carry it for two miles.
– The law of the Pharisses (not the law of God) said you should love your neighbor, and hate your enemies. Jesus says love your neighbor and your enemies. To do good for them, pray for them, and bless them.
– The law says we shouldn’t break the commandments … but Jesus says we shouldn’t even teach others that they’re not important or we will be called least in his Kingdom, and those who say we should keep them will be called great in his Kingdom.
Sadly, If someone Jesus preached the same thing today – He would be called a heretic fool with no grace. Grace means God will cover you if you accidentally sin, there is no grace for sinners who break God’s law on purpose. Don’t be fooled by your teachers… Jesus made the law harder to follow, not easier.
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