Destruction of Individuals

Rochelle Rosenberg

Destruction of Individuals

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I’ve come across the internet from youtube to google and different web links. I have been reading a lot of things about Freemasons and Illuminati. Their ground founder and their purposes to take control of the whole world. They have taken with them celebrities, the media, the worlds economy, the world of Sports and every country to join them in their mission.

”Anyone that isn’t paying attention to what is going on in the world today is like an idiot bathing in the cesspool of their own ignorance” -Hoocheeman Savage in Facebook- 

In every article and videos I have seen across the net, I think that my parents were right sometimes. Just like the tv that shows too much violence and the music videos that I use to watch when I was a kid. I imitate them, even their songs and their acts. I never thought then that it is the way to learn to behave like a wild animal.

Just take a note from a Rock music and read between the lines.

Rocker Frank Zappa (who discovered the awful truth December 4, 1993 the second he died) proudly boasted:

“I’m the devil’s advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called ‘groupies.’ Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god.” (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17)
here is a supporting links of all the Rock songs with praises to the Evil.:

click the link below..Rock Music is evil music

On my Facebook wall, I wrote that Freemason is and has been in Philippines.
Mostly, when I post an information about health, some stuff I did the whole week, or some crazy stuff me and my friends had done, when I post some photos of my kids, funny photos and a lot of images, You Guess?? I got a lot of likes and people and friends really go through my posts to see what I am doing or saying..

But lately when I posted about the awareness of my fellowmen in regarding Freemason, Illuminati, Evil cults, You Wouldn’t believe me… NO ONE EVER HAD LIKED IT or I think None had read it either…I wonder why the people are trying to close their eyes whenever the truth had been set infront of them..this world is really lost..Many people are feed up through music, and these is also called even if you would say you are not thinking,doing evil but partaking with the work of the evil is a way of joining them in their works. you are not the master but you are a partaker…or easy to say a supporter, might be a fan or might be liking them..

So Here is a copy of my post to my facebook wall:
”The Freemasonry is already in Philippines and turning Filipino citizens to become robots through TV, commercials, music industry.. This is the illuminati connected which are cult and are anti-christ. To rule the world, they have to blend among people who believes and they have to take with them the high ranking officials from the government. Take note my FELLOW FILIPINOS, that you are being played because the government now adays are members of this group. Just look at what your children are looking on television..they make your kids be like the superstars, dance like whores and behave like a wild animals. they can take away your focus far from GOD and introduce you the comfort of digital living, materialism and even if you do not believe me, One day, you will understand what Im saying. They control the economy, the food storage of every country in the whole world. Keep your eyes on God and be careful..the least you suffer, thats the moment they will pretend of rescuing you..but they are only thirsty of your soul. If you heard about big celebrities in music industry, they have sold their soul to the devil for fame and glory. they things you see in TV shows ”reality shows” commercials is/has been manipulated to deceive your eyes and to turn your mind into addiction, Be aware… If evil is alive..God is more lively..

Be careful my fellowmen… The freemason earns money in wars and terrorism. they are intelligent because they educate their members and teach them the ancient knowledge that comes from the dark. Every members will never loose fame and glory because the group is good in making things to get peoples attention.. All the material things you adore now, they are happy you appreciate them. be not aware for your soul.. Freemasons are secret society and they will never reveal what they do to you. Freemasons wear the egyptian signs and symbols and they worship Satan as their God. Additional to that, Jose Rizal and Manuel Quezon is also a member of the Freemasonry..They earn money in killing their members if the member is doubted to be revealing the secret of the group. no one in the freemasonry members could reveal the secrecy and activities of the group because they will get killed…
Awake awake people… by the way…the AQUINO sign is even a Freemasonry sign..”
with supporting video:

In the video: notice the thing they hang on their necks,, thats the same thing all the freemasons has,, the free mason started in France..
here is another video.

so…they are intelligent..and they have a mission..they must blend among all. their ground is made out from the egyptian culture.
Now, I am not making this up..but see for yourself on how this can affect your children and your family..which you think sometimes when you watch films or music are safe..inside the house, youa re safe physically but your souls burning slowly..
supporting video..:

now…this is the Music industry.. While ago, I showed you some rock lyrics and a supportd link about Rock music that it is a song to satan. Now, this music videos and the things you see are the dance and other stuff they do to manipulate you and your children and your husband and wives to pretend and imitate the puppets of the evil cult.And if you search in Google, typing rock n roll… listen to the lyrics of every song…from metallica to avril lavigne…it is full of evil.. well.. I guess I have to think about my children now..they are so small and innocent, they are the baits for the future generation..

PART 1 VIDEO =========================

PART 2 VIDEO =========================

And this video says: You’re brainwashing your kids!! with RAY COMFORT in THE COMFORT ZONE…

Here are the documentaries of Illuminati turned into new Freemasonry:

And this is the documentary of the Illuminati…

And another supporting video:

and a 2014 NWO declared..

I write this blog in regarding of my awareness of my childrens future..and the future of my relatives children..I hope you also are aware of it..


I am open in any kind of comments about my blogs..thank you…

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