Belief and Unbelief

Rochelle Rosenberg

Belief and Unbelief

October 17, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Belief or disbelief.. this are the things that divides every individual nowadays. The believers sort themselves from those who disbelief, and the unbelievers sort out themselves doing more worldly thing which they believed were merely human. The believers keep their faith and stand up with strength from God having their faith with them and still trying to share the words of God to the people. most individuals now are very weary inn soul, knowledge had overflowed to everybody’s minds and understanding is even more and more getting narrow..Where do we stand now in our faith and understanding..?  

People nowadays acquire education and knowledge. Note that education and knowledge is good, but along with it you must have understanding and purpose on how you will use it. Will you use it with good intentions from your heart? or would use it to gain wealth and fame. I am saying is, all of us dream of a good life, but most of the time when we are almost near the goal, we often forget the intentions and purposes we have from the beginning. We often hurt or step on someone just to get to where we want. And thats exactly the thing that eats our soul everyday without our consciousness.

When we believe, we take our courage and often we end up in argument with those who dont believe.As a believer, I believe that we must learn to humble ourselves and speak with kindness in our lips. We are not perfect, and this I say to you that who don’t believe that when we make mistake, do not be a fool to make us stupid. We are all humans, We are a believer but it does not mean we have to be perfect because we are a believer and a Christian. Still our flesh is the same as yours and still we breath through our nostrils and walk upon the earth. We Christians must not act like fools. We are the representative of God and through Jesus Christ we must be the one showing good eamples to the people. We must sort out orselves among people but we must separate ourselves from what they do. We must accept critics and reminders from other people and from children. That is the way to learn more in life. Remember Jesus came for the wicked and sinners of the earth, to save their soul. Jesus came for the poor and He did not judge the sinners but lifted them up and help them recognize their deeds and repent.

For the Unbelievers, you might get hurt when sometimes Christians point out your deeds, to defend yourselves, thats human. I understand it is normal to defend what you know and what you experienced. Do not think you know everything about Christians and point all the things you see from those whom you know were so called Christians. I know you see a lot of false believers, I agree with you but do not think that all are the same. Do not think that because we are Christians, we are saints.. No we’re not..we are merely human just like you..maybe you would try to accept critics and accept that you are doing wrong, and from that mabe try to fix things and focus instead on how you can make yourself better. Do not be defensive and sensitive, it is not against you, specially when a believer uses a bible verse reading infront of your face. It is just to mean they care and to remind you that somehow you are cared. Do not be a fool, and see things like they dont exist. I know some of you believe in Science and the Darwins Theory. well, I will not discuss that with you. I respect your thoughts about that but  the only thing i can tell you is…. No one had ever predicted an individuals death. the exact death of a person is the amazing phenomenon of all time. Because God is the only one who knows when its time for us all to leave. Human knowledge is huge but along with it must come understanding..

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