Quick Judgements: You dont know Others unless You know their Hearts

Rochelle Rosenberg

Quick Judgements: You dont know Others unless You know their Hearts

May 14, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves – Matther 7:1
For just as you judge and criticize and condemned others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you use to deal out to others, It will be dealt out again to you. – Matthew 7:2

When we judge to people, we are too quick in our responses. Our madness had gone too far in pulling out many words that could describe the mistakes of other person. And many times of our judgement, we have heard what we know about the person but we dont know what we dont know about that person. We just see that what they do was wrong, but we dont know why they act so strange. We dont know who they are, yet the mistake they did was too easy for us to carry and put them into judgement. Its not important at all to talk about things we dont have knowledge at all.
Remember in the bible when the court was trying to see what Jesus had to say about a woman caught in adultery, They have told Jesus that according to the law, the woman must be stoned to death. And right there Jesus kneel down and wrote something with his finger on the ground. Thats a little too weird to do, but I am sure that even Jesus himself is relying an answer from God on how to handle the situation. Jesus do not know this woman, so when He stood up, he said ” Alright people, Who among have not sin? Then you who have not sin shall throw the first stone” as he went back to write something with his fingers on the sand.
Now, I am loving that part, and I have seen the calmness of Jesus reaction to that. After that thing, all people left with their shame and became quiet. Because they knew to themselves that they have sinned, made mistakes so they left one by one until Jesus was left alone with the woman in the trial court. And Jesus turned to the woman and said ”Woman, where are your accusers? Have they not condemned you?” the woman replied ” No one, Lord”
I was trying to say that no matter what kind of mistakes people do, do not judge them.
We dont know what we ought to know about them, we see the mistakes they did with our eyes, we hear what they did with our ears. But among all these we have seen and heard, we dont know their hearts. God sees our hearts and mind, and I mean that we are just humans and we do commit mistakes and thats it. We can do something about it, before it takes place. It is a matter of choice on how we could handle it when we are right there in that situation. Walk in Love and treat other people right.

Many times when we judge others, we forget that we are doing the same thing. Maybe not the same mistake but we do commit sins and we are even putting ourselves into trial. When we do mistake and other people see that, we wouldnt want others to investigate and question us because of what we have done, right? Because we know our hearts, and that heart is the most thing that God sees and know about us. So why bother to judge others? Maybe atleast we could try to get to know them and let God judge them. Dont take God’s job. Because one day we will all be put to judgement one by one and all of the things we tried to keep by ourselves will be revealed on judgement day to measure our hearts purity in the sight of God.
What your eyes see and your ears hear can deceive you, so do not let the evil come into your mind and eat you up. Judgement is not good. Do not please yourself or others by judging a person who did mistake, but pray for them, wish them luck and that eventually they will find a way back to make something out of mistake. That they will learn from it, and we are the source of their strength. We are the source that could help them to build up themselves again.

Remember the saying, ”what goes around, comes around” thats the level of our behaviour to others most of the time. We are dealing with the bad spirits and we even forget the good spirit within us. Just by judging others, we are putting ourselves into trouble. So lets slow it down a bit and give ourselves a minute to stop babbling whenever there are people that do mistakes and let us try to give them encouragement to make a new of their life instead. But of course we dont just come to them as if we know them, but when you know a person thats close to you then you could just give a piece of peace to them and just show you are there for them and you will see thats even enough for them to know. If you dont know someone and just heard about them, never ever, ever criticize and never, ever judge but learn to divert your judgement into thinking that God will deal with that and thats not your problem. You dont know them, and you dont know anything about them so dont bother to listen about what they have done and what they do because you yourself had done enough to deal with God.
I hope that this message had taughtt you somehow.

I am writing it in accordance of my experience and my faith to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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