Philippine Travel Part 1 – November 2013

Rochelle Rosenberg

Philippine Travel Part 1 – November 2013

May 10, 2014 Uncategorized 0

I travelled in Philippine in November, and I was glad about it cause I see my family and for a while I gave myself peace. I was excited of seeing my old friends, my family, my realtives and most, I miss my homeland.
well it’s been a long time since I have seen my country alone and now I am glad Ive travelled there.

I have been stressed out in living in a country full of booking time everywhere, so this travel hade made my mind released a lot of laughs and made me earn a lot of energy to take me back to my kids.
Now here it is..I am sharing you my Philippine travel…

Here are photos of my family, my friends and I will show places of my hometown…

Jay jay and his Mother…My little sister Ronalyn

Meet me at the Hotel… 😀

Sleeping at the Hotel

The Macho man hehehehhe

My sister and her husband

My little nephew

My first night in Manila streets…

The Bayview Hotel without the bay on my window view hahah

Sweet couple

the Heavens tears

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first day in manila…eating on a good restaurant in Mall of Asia

Papa in the House

Philippine football

The kids..I were like them once…


the straw christmas lights

the night market

the night market

Baguio City overview

Going to Atok

With the lady Guardians

the northern nature

northern nature

mountain side

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