Micheal Jackson! my favorite Icon and a living legend!!

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Micheal Jackson! my favorite Icon and a living legend!!

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Micheal Joseph Jackson is the King of Pop, well known by the world since he was very little. The world known him through his tremendous voice when he use to play with the Jackson 5. And through those years, people just know him through his performance on the stage. The Young Micheal looks so very happy on stage, but what we dont know about him is the real MJ behind the stage and behind the scenes. 

I sat down today and listens to his music, it soothes me innerly and makes me lives in his song while it plays on my player. I have admired MJ since childhood. I guess the first music video I have seen was the ‘THRILLER’.  I guess thats very amazing and huge, his voice is very attracting and very inviting to dance with. And it inspires me all through the years. I had this funny thought when I was little that when I’ll grow up, I will move to America to be near MJ and able to see his concerts. So I did worked hard and tried to learn more of english language. It was amazing really. All through the years I supported and maybe because of my family life situation, I could not even buy a ticket when MJ had a concert in Asia. 
It makes me curious still about him when it was reported many times he like little boys, but I assure you. I never believe in those, I felt like there must be something in it. 
Now, I have watched many videos scattered online about MJ, regarding things he have done and regarding his skin. He is proud to be a Black American, but he has a skin disease that destroys the pigmentation of the skin cells. This is hereditary in MJ’s fathers side. Well, thats good one!! 
And one thing, MJ compensate himself through material things around him just like the house he lived in in Neverland. It is his ways because he never had a childhood years, he has got pimples, got scorned by his father, he cried and laughed just like an ordinary person. And I guess this even had caused him some depressions in his adolescent years. I am amazed  by his life, actually, as an ordinary person, we have nothing to complain about. Our daily living is complete with happiness, we lived fully as child most of us I suppose. we have friends, which he didnt have except his brothers. We have all had parties, buddies and just hang out when we were teens. 
News had spread regarding his cases about child molesting.. I further move about that, coz I dont believe in it either. I think it is more media pressure and the Illuminati.  He is a memeber of that I guess.. 
Some of the well-known persona in the world are members of the Illuminati, they control the world. They control the media, block markets, wars and many billion involving investments of every country.
Recently, I have seen some videos by so called prophets that MJ is one of the devils singer and he dance just like in hell? I never thought that you can dance in hell? and sing too at same time? they say that MJ sold his soul to the devil… whoaaaa!!!! People overdrive too much about everything now..
I thought hell is full of torment and madness? full of suffering, isnt it? thats what written on the bible… 
That hell is a place of torment and  sufferings, a lake of fire.. how could you dance in there? and sing? 
Hmmm I dont know bout that!! He sings like an angel… And I dont know how other fans of MJ like me would handle that!!
In a video of Mj’s rehearsals for the album ‘THIS IS IT’, I have seen that he is very kind and nice person-. He treats his crew and band very kindly, and hes got the expressions ”I LOVE YOU” and  ”God Bless You”. He has few words even in the rehearsal.. 
On the following videos I will publish here, you will see him in his interview with Oprah Winfrey
and a video film of the rehearsal for This is it album.
Following videos may even be attached in this publications and is dedicated to all MJ FANS!!!
Now here I am getting very nostalgic about Mj. 
I am a resident of Europe now and still MJ lives as a legend…!! Salute!!
Micheal Jacksons full interview on Oprah Winfrey show
This is it Rehearsals with the crew
Break Of Dawn 
Beat It
Earth Song
Black or White
You Are Not Alone
Moonwalk collection
Heaven can wait
Remember The Time
Wings of my love
NOW! here is the one guy heard to be the son of the King of Pop.
But proven he just grew up the Jackson family…
Welcome to Brandon Howard!!
He is just like Micheals copy in every way as he sings.
His voice, his steps and his gestures..
Interview…is he the SON? 
Nope!!! but media claims to be!!
I Do It
Wanna Love Me

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