A Wonderful Day

Rochelle Rosenberg

A Wonderful Day

March 12, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Its good to meet new people and make friends, and good to know that same people you meet would have same interests like you.


Life is very funny sometimes, it can give you unsearchable things.
Wonerful day, and I have been running errands all through the town.. Been in a meeting that made me so sleepy, a job search, job informations which were interesting in few things. Now I am here again…
Run back to the town and made some arrangements. The finally, it was over with running errands..

Finally it was four o’clock in the afternoon. the sun still shining as it glimpse through the waters. I like the sun so much. I’ve been missing the sun for few months, I am meeting a girl today. we became friends now and I think its good to have her near though. I liker her and I enjoy her company.

My Self reflection…

She doing a selfie

Michelle dear

The waters in its diamond clothing over the earth..

whats wrong with the feet lady??

look down??

Yes a sunny day!!

sitting here? come and join me!!

Hey you!!

You gotta be the next!! lol
Have fun! Have life!! 
Meet new people and make life worth living!! 
Life is short, but shorter by griefing. 
I look at the smooth and slow flowing water. 
I wonder what it would be like to move forward
 and never look back. 
Or never stay or be in the same place twice.

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