Weather can be in OUR MINDS TOO..

Rochelle Rosenberg

Weather can be in OUR MINDS TOO..

March 6, 2014 Uncategorized 0


Ive known that weather changes every seconds, even the weather reports can be failures and these is what makes the news viewers are happy about…when the news reporter get wrong!!! possible weather changes in our brains…

Weather brains Invisibility…

Beauty Exists, Only when you look closer!!!

Weather never changed the nature, It makes the nature clm down!!!

I must be so tired of doing nothing. Or maybe because I sleep too much over my depression. 

I think sometimes that life does not really have problems with us, its just us having problems with life. Life is huge, its hard to handle, its hard to do the task and bear the responsibility. Its hard to breath conscience and even difficult to face trials and failures. heartbreaking with rejections, loosing control being broken hearted and loosing mind loosing people that we love.

Our behaviours are are very dominant, it seems too easy when we are inlove, when we are happy, succeeded, victory,. Our life feels more breathable and available when we are satisfied and content.

And this behaviour are like weather. The way we think affects our actions, our mouth of releasing words that can charm some people or can even harm them.

Well, we use to say we are humans, yes we do, like the weather we cant control we wanted to say because the message in our mind sends directly to our lips and the toungue let go of the words. 

Yes we are changing, and this is very difficult. This is stressing because people are easy to judge.

No matter what others say, when you think you are right, fight for it but when you are mistaken learn to accept and apologize. Its no better changes to become one of those weather brains, be acceptable and learn to take critics. This will teach you change your weather brain too. No matter if others couldnt take your critics and no matter if other people could not understand the way you speak it, the least you have done is that you have spoken what you have in mind.

Walk straight, speak your mind and focus on your own weather, discuss with others, argument and reason. Their weather mind is not yet a typhoon so be calm like the water and rise when it is time.

So…Good luck for weather Brains…!!!

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