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Life as Nurse-Aid

.Article written 2013

.Just Pondering

Maybe this Uniform looks better…

A Curly Nurse Aid… !!

I have wondered all these years…how would I look when I grow older..

I have always thought of how I would look like then…with the gray hair and a wrinkled face..

Might be walking with a stick and my bones have probably shrinked already…

Recently..I have been chasing jobs… I am a nursing aid…and I am working with the disabled people..those who have been born with their disabilities since childhood and those who have been disabled due to accident..well in my working with mixed people.. my workplace..I am not a permanent I keep chasing jobs on my day-offs.

I love working with elderly and it gives me some extra feeling that I am useful..

I feel glad helping them because I am aware that one day..

I will be as old as they are..

I have met different people in my job…well..I see these old women individually different…they are physicially shrinked..those gray hairs and sometimes blurry eyes are the most things that most of us see on elderly…But …I see their faces..I always wonder what or where have they been in their younger years…

Honestly…some elderly women looks so scary…hahha…sorry for that grannys…

some of them are so strict and particularylu different..

some dont eat breakfast..some does eat…

some are scared to shower and some would like bath…

But I am amazed when i speak with them..they have experiences that are very incredible to believe they have achieved..I suppose some youngsters would learn much from them..

No wonder why God says in the bible that we must not despise the elders..We must take care of them..

And there are some who have been so very wicked in their younger days..some have been so abusive to their love ones…some have been criminals or law violators…some of the never changed at all..

I am learning that character is best to polish everyday..the way you would treat others are great earnings in our younger years,,,I have been thinking that..when I grow old..I wouldnt want to hear people screaming my name because of my bad attitude..or that I have been a bad person…I would like to earn the goodness of the Lord in my heart by doing small things and good things towards my family, my children and my husband…towards the people that surrounds me..

As a nurse aid..I am a helping hand to the elders who are in need of help -physically..a friend – socially…a listener-mentally…I am glad I have this job and I love it..

so to all the NURSE AIDS IN THE WORLD::..

be proud of your jobs…

if you would think of Soldiers…we too have the heavy job that is taking our strength mentally and physically…we must show kindness and understanding towards the people we are taking care of..

Treatment is the best policy in regarding our white, colored uniforms..keep smiling even if you know you head is blowing..because it can help a person think well, get well and as well to get away from the hospital …hehheheh


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