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–>>> Travel Back to SwedenThe

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Vacation: October 31 2013: 

First Stop: Xiamen, China. It was a boring place, the airport was the worst thing i have seen since I have learned to travel abroad. The net was not even free for passengers and standby people waiting for the next flight. If you are a foreigner, you must have a china mobile number registered before you can get into the net. Otherwise, your phone and your tablet or any sorts of communication gadget is useless. The food however is indulging, yet expensive. yeah, I am glad somehow on my trip that I met people. On my journey, I flew with the China Southern Airlines. The worst of the company was that the flight attendants were not even good in english. The stewardess was speaking of some flight instructions before the plane will take off, she says ”da ehplen well naw tekof, ples fessen every sitbelt” hahah thats the way she pronounced it though.. Instead of saying ‘the aircraft will now take off, please fasten your seatbelt.”
The food was great, I had pain in stomach coz I took too much coffee.
Stop in Xiamen was a great blessing from the Lord. I met a couple from Philippines whom were working in the UK. The good thing in the Airline compnay was that they offered a free hotel while we will wait for the next flight in about 7hours or so, Im not so sure at the time. Well, we got a nice glimpse through China when we went to the hotel provided by the airline. 
The hotel receptionist booked each of the passengers by two’s. So because I was alone, I got a roommate, A girl named Charisse. I saw her and looked frightened, but I felt the calling from God that I must speak with her. And then we went into the room without much word from each other. She lied on bed while I observed her, she looked like she think too much but i didnt bother. The I broke the silence and said, i will go take a shower. She nodded in agreement.The bathroom was funny, toilet is so near the shower side. there was a bathfoam and a shampoo on the edge of the shower button. I wonder whats the purpose of the foam coz there was no bathtub. Then when I turned on the shower, the water on the floor starts to get up to my feet up to my kneel. then I laughed and tried to tell that to my roommate. she was smiling then. I saw her smile was freely given. She was adorable. I liked her. Until We spoke to each other in amazement as I opened up my computer playing some gospel music. I was afraid she would reject from hearing the sound, but was delighted when she commented that it was a nice music. it was playing the Casting Crowns ‘who am I’. Until we end up sharing each others lives and stories. almost about God, about lovelife and curiosity. well, it went good, but we could not sleep. Could not even touch the tea bag coz it cost and so we luckily I opened up my bag and I saw my chocolate drink which i warmed up for me and her.
Anyways, on these journey, i have learned that God’s calling was merely pure calling and pure purpose.I am glad I met these couples where I have shared the word of God and shared a little bit of happiness in me. I have learned that no matter where we come from, and what walk of life we live, we might not never know what might going to happen. until it will just be a click and then you’ll find yourself standing on someones door.My emotions was very great, coz I am blessed by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I praye for those whom I have travelled with to keep in their heart what they have learned that day we met. May God cover them with the holy precious blood and keep them in sight always. 
here are the Pictures.

Afternoon sunset in China

The way to the Airline hotel

That wonderful lady Charisse..

ME and her sharing the room, a chitchat and much bla bla bla…

The whole group I’ve travelled with….

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