My very days…

Rochelle Rosenberg

My very days…

February 2, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Im stuck again in these winter season with chores in school works, home chores and activites with family, bonding with friends.
Ive got nothing more to say I guess but to cherish each day a better day to come,
new things have learned and by the days to come I might have learned something
or not hahahha..
Here I am again like from the last year..I have published the Eurovision…these is the  Swedish Melody festival contributions and the winner will gonna take place as a contestant in EUROVISION 2013.
Anyways.,..Enjoying here in the couch watching the SWEDISH MELODY FESTIVAL.
Here are my chosen songs…

David Lindgren – Skyline
Cookies and Beans – Burning flags
– Close your eyes and see my burning flag….

Mary N Diaye – Gosa
this means cuddle…
Eric Gadd – Vi kommer aldrig att förlora
We will never gonna loose

Yohio – Heartbreak Hotel
A swedish artist popular in japan
Anna Järvinen – Porslin
Porselaine – shes singing about her grandma.

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