Rochelle Rosenberg


January 2, 2013 Uncategorized 0
When my silence arise, 
life can’t give no more surprise. 
They say life is adventure 
but why is mine hard to capture?
Am I a captive of my ownself, 
by which beloved carved me irony?
Coz my silence had been so long,
 paranoid is likely born
And my silence can kill
Sometimes it makes me ill..
So where would u keep me in ur heart?
Is it in the corner where I can smite so fast?

Or will you hold me steadfast

while you raise me with ur love…
Yes, my silence is my tragedy
My tears are hidden in me
Responsible is mine solely
While I strive defensively..
My silence is my only shield
To make a margin of myself
Coz when u get near
My mind is in fear…..
I might be defensive..
I might be offensive..,
So keep the silence between us
By then we build our trust
By then we can be friends
Despite of my sounding silence….


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