The Northpole Weather

Rochelle Rosenberg

The Northpole Weather

December 5, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Five years ago, I found the snow to be more fantastic and amazing.. I mean right now as I have been asked by people, I still find the snow cozy and cool..I am amazed how it was build by the small molecules and crystalline water ice.. It is amazing that the heaven sent us this wonderful snow..If only our eyes can see them by details and know they will be loved… and yet in the perspective of humans eyes..its just snow..a snowfall from the sky that indicates cold weather and frozen cheeks in winter time…

Snow are romantic,its not the same as opeing the freezer and staring at the flakes there….its funny though but the snow outside in when the winter is home….I find it very beautiful…an amazing thing that nature can offer..despite its tiny size…. Now I am gonna share the some pictures I have taken this month of December in Jönköping Sweden….
How can I ever hate the winter at same time I love the snow…reminding me of Snow white… 😉
The first day of Snow at 3 December 2012

My Picture in the Buss station..Waiting for the bus in about 5 minutes..With my 2.5kg clothes on plus a bag with bunch of books…Thats winter life…

The youth from schools selling the traditonal Saffron Buns for Christmas

The City with at 16:30pm

Lovely snow on the Cherry tree…It made the Cherry tree whole Naked and Freezing lol

The Snow Flakes I caught in my Gloves….Shiverrrr

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