My Bestfriend… Philippine Connection

Rochelle Rosenberg

My Bestfriend… Philippine Connection

December 5, 2012 Uncategorized 0

I have met a wonderful person in my life. I met her in the year of 2002.. I have friend Michelle then.. Shes wonderful, shes more than a friend to me But this woman I met was further greater than Michelle. If I could describe Michelle, she is a childish person, not matured and always hanging around me…When I met this wonderful woman, I found her amazing..She was just like a sister.. There were times she had lived with us in our little Hut…Our house is enough for a 30square meter and all of us sleep on the floor..except my father got a bed..hahah.. he is the King though…
Anyway…Jeannette is a beautiful person, she showed me how to be a woman. I have learned to apply my make up correctly, to line my eyes with eyeliner properly and wear my dress decently… She showed me the beauty of having Red lipistick…And I just loved her now and then..
Both of us have different storied behind, Stories that we kept ourselves.. Me and Jeannette spend time together alot.. We have good and bad memories.. We were together is Pangasinan, where we bath in a lake and we have our boyfriends together.. We bath and embarassing was when i took myself up the water, my bra went down…hahah And she laughed like never before, I was then embarassed but her encouragement made me feel confident to take back my bra and I didnt feel ashame.. I can spell myself  that I was a quiet person, Shy, Funny but more reserved from people.. And she was there, teaching me to be confident and stand despite of the embarassment.. And yes.. shes wonderful. The other moment was when we were together with her close guy friend who was chasing me all the time at work…he wanted me to be the girlfriend but because I dont want him so he standed on the rails of the overpass or we say footbridge and wanted to jump from there… He was so dominant but I wasnt interested…
my other memory of her was when we met Wendell…those moment of high and low day and night…smoking cigarettes and the beers and falling in the canals while drunk…it was amazing when I reminisce those moments with her.. And this Note I write..I dedicate to her… She will always be part of my life now and forever.. I love her with all my heart, memories have kept in my heart sealed.. I pray for her wellness, for her happiness… ( I wish she will receive the gift of God soon…A child..) She is happily married to Cons…A wonderful man… Our co-worker in the laundry shop of a middle age woman Cora… Cons and Janet are happily married and living in the sidehills of Baguio City, Philippines.
I love her…only if she know… I cherish her from the depth of my heart and I am sincere with it…
Now we’re parted caused by our natural changes, Marriages, Family, Country…as I am living in Sweden and shes in Philippines… Shes still the bestfriend I have known.
Last but not the least…
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