Reflections for a moment….

Rochelle Rosenberg

Reflections for a moment….

September 29, 2012 Uncategorized 0

There are times when we sat down somewhere and our minds just fly away for a while.. Those times we think too much and feels like evething must be over.. I have some moments where my imaginations taking over me sensitively. And the thoughts just run through and they made me feels so sad.

I had the thoughts about my life…my childhood years which were not that easy. Growing up in an environment that was filled of struggle and hard work. The parents which are so loving but are helpless to be together. And I still could not figure out why there must be separations to happened? and I stuck myself there in the midst of the thoughts…suddenly..I my other brain activity is calling me to where I have to go back… Made me look far away through things and felt so powerful for while…

The world is changing from time to time…people are changing too every minute…and I could say I have changed… Yes… I do… By younger years, I have learned to defend myself, to imitate the world…and to fit me in..I have earned few knowledge but some are destruction to my own…

I have heared alot from other peoples advice which sounds so good to me but it was not sufficient for me,,.and still through time, I am slowly baked by different circumstances to become a better bread, and I was slowly cooked as an egg to have the same softness of shell yet so hard inside the core. Living in this country, where home is far and society is different. I seem not to belong to where I stand now…

People we meet from day to day have different character…there are people who seemed to be an angel..with the very best of attitude that makes us love them more.. and with their selfless love it makes me adore them also. There are people who are so damn great at first but always wanted to take control on what we say…like it doesnt even matter what you think and say, what matters is when you listen to them..and there are sorts of people who don’t have empathy. They just don’t give a damn care…..

And I have learned to have a distant from all of those people… If they are so annoying …its better to stop the connection before it get worst.. Don’t stand there zippered mouth and let them speak against you..coz one day, they will speak behind things which are not true,,

And my reflections to what I want to become had made me feel so comfortable everytime it plays into my head…The dreams seems to be overviewed and seem too easy to plan..But the plans are so sarcastic to follow coz it can change by time…. things may happen unexpectedly….

and I still danced with the world and flow with the people, still searching for the moment that will make me complete.. I believe that there is no right time and right place to find a moment of transformation. which people use to say “there’s a right time and place”… The right time is now…and the right place is at where you stand…The changes comes from the start you move your right foot and every step can make differences from one to another…

Future is so sensitive that we must not plan..but must be careful on our every move..on every step of the way. God knows who we are..and what we will be…and the reflections must be good unto the sight of the Lord.

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