The Macho temple with Jens Family.

Rochelle Rosenberg

The Macho temple with Jens Family.

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My friend Jen who have been so understandable

Jens Brother in law.

The giant at Macho temple

Jens bestfriend Jean. Their names sounds similar 🙂  quiet funny

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The Macho Temple in San fernando, La union Philippines

Here are some of the pictures I took in San fernando La union Philippines. I stayed there  in 2011 of march and I was really amazed in these chinese temple.
I will be returning there and would like to discover more on that place. Coz the last time we where there, some are praying so we couldnt get in. 
I enjoyed being with my friend Jen. actually, it was our first time to meet. Missing her much after the first meet… you hear more later about us folks..

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